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Jambughoda Panchmahal Gujrat


Location: Vadodara (earlier called Baroda) is just a few hours or minutes away from some of the major cities. The Mumbai-Vadodara flight takes 50 minutes (5-7 hours by fast train). The Delhi-Vadodara flight takes about 1.30 hours (12 hours by train). Vadodara can be reached from Ahmedabad by road in less than three hours.

About: Life today demands an escape from the routine, and what better way to spend a couple of days at a destination that will allow you to leave your city life behind and be with nature. To simply enjoy. To rejuvenate. A brief get-away prepares you to be back to your city life with renewed vigour. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate head honcho, businessman, painter or a writer.

Travel back more than a century, in 100 acres of sheer hypnotic greenery. That is when the Jambughoda Palace (now partly converted into A Home for Nature Lovers) was built.

Accommodation: This wild life sanctuary, (spread over an area of 130 sq km) was a part of the princely state of Jambughoda before independence. The sanctuary was established in 1990 at the behest of the late Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Teak, bamboo and mahuva form the major canopy of the forest.

The sanctuary harbours several wild animals, birds and flora, including plants and herbs of medicinal value. Apart from the panther and the four-horned antelope, the habitat is shared by other animals such as blue bulls, hyenas, jackals and occasional sloth bear. You have to be lucky to spot a panther or four-horned antelope or both as these are shy and elusive animals. In addition, the sanctuary is also home to a wide variety of snakes including cobra, rat snake, russel’s viper and python, and interesting birds such as the Paradise Fly Catcher, Golden Oriole, Tailor bird, etc. During winters, the lakes close-by, attract migratory birds, such as Pin-tails, Teals, Brahminy ducks & the Comb Ducks. Eminent personalities like Dr. Salim Ali, the noted Ornithologist, research scholars like Dr. G M Oza, Dr. Twisha Pandya & others have spent their valuable time studying plant bio-diversity & the habits of various birds & animals in their natural surroundings.


  • Pick-up and airport transfer on request

  • Telephone

  • Durbar Hall (Conference Hall)

  • Indian and continental cuisine

  • Simple massage

  • Escort for sightseeing

  • Jeep safari

  • Laundry

  • Splash pool

  • Indoor Games

  • First aid

  • Doctor on call

  • Gift Shop

  • Car park

How to get there :


By Flight: 80 Km. from Vadodara Airport


By Train: 90 Km from Vadodara Railway Station

By Road:
Jambughoda palace is 80 km from Baroda


Tariff :

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