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Tarikhango Pass Trek


The trek combines the green of the Kinnaur region with the stark desolateness of the Spiti valley. The trek begins at Kafnoo in Kinnaur and crosses over the Tarikhango pass 4865mts also known as the Pin Bhaba pass to the Pin valley national park in Spiti. The trail ascends along the left bank of the Wangar River after crossing a footbridge. The path climbs through single crop fields of Mastrang and passes through a mixed forest of conifers and temperate broad-leafed species. The trail climbs through little clearings of potato and buckwheat till it reaches the meadows of Malling 3350mts, fringed by birch and bird cherry, leaving the Wangar River far below. From here the trail continues to Pistarang, a sheltered glade with a spring at one end and over a steep ascent to the pass. The descent is more gradual to pin valley, over boulder strewn glaciers, making it a sharp contrast to lush green Kinnaur.

Day One

Kafnoo – Malling (5-6 Hrs)
The trail is through Mastrang village and forest. Camp by the banks of the river Bhaba on a lush meadow.

Day Two

Malling – Pistrang (5-6 Hrs)
The walk is a gradual ascent and involves a river crossing. Camp at the base of the pass.

Day Three

Pistrang – Bhabha pass – Paldar (4-5 Hrs)
The ascent to the pass is about 2 hours. Descend to the pin valley. Camp.

Day Four

Paldar – Gurguru - Mudh (6-7 Hrs)
A level walk through rocky terrain. This is the end of the trek. One has the option to either camp at Mudh or take jeep/truck to Kaza, the headquarters of the Spiti Valley.

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