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Milam Glacier

SEASON : April to June and September – October

The largest Glacier (27 km.) in Uttaranchal Himalaya ,fed by a number of ice tributaries from a backdrop dominated by Rishi Pahar (6992 m.),Hardeol (7161 m.),Trishuli (7074 m.) and other.

Day 1st Kathgodam - Munsiyari

Day 2nd Munsiyari - Lilam (1850 m.) . For the first 8 km. height is lost , down to cross the Gauri River .The trail than climbs steeply along the river to lilam 3 km.

Day 3rd Lilam - Bugdiar (2600 m.) . After Lilam trail goes through thick forest and a gorge to Bugdiar 8 km. ,the last 3 km. is a stiff pull up ,Bugdiar is a village in a bowl shaped hallow ,a few eating shop & huts.

Day 4th Bugdiar - Martoli (3385 m.) . After a steep 2 km. the trail leads under an imposing rock wall ,followed by a possible snowfield upto Railkot (3130 m.) a windswept open valley surrounded by towering snow peaks, 5 km. ahead Martoli is a small village inhabited by a few remaining adventurous Bhutia who used to have a brisk trade with Tibet in bygone days. From Martoli a major side valley west gives acess to the base of Nanda Devi east ,Nanda Kot, Nanda Ghunti, the Trail’s pass and Longstuff Col.

Day 5th Martoli - Milam village (3423 m.) . Cross the Gori Ganga by a suspension bridge and follow it’s left bank to Burphu, ascending gradually and going through Belju, cross Goanka Gad bridge to reach Milam village .

Day 6th To Glacier and back to Milam village . Milam Glacier snout is only 4 km. away. The route lies over the moraine To go further north along the Glacier to see some eight tributary glaciers and big peaks , not visible from the snout it is necessary to camp on the ice .

Day 7th Milam village - Martoli

Day 8th Martoli - Bugdiar

Day 9th Bugdiar - Lilam

Day 10th Lilam - Munsiyari

Day 11th Munsiyari - Kathgodam.

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