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Pindari Glacier-I

Kumaon, Land of the great Shikari Jim Corbett after whom the Corbett National park has been named remains a contradiction of sorts.

Corbett remains the largest tourist draw of the land followed by the Lower hills around Nainital that great views of the Himalayas.

The contradiction is in terms of the fact that the upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas offer some of the best ' up close and personal' views of the Mountains, but is not very popular.

The trekking route to the glacier complex that comprises of Pindari, Sunderdhunga, and Milam are often found lacking in popular appeal but for those who have been there the experience is memorable and unforgettable.

The peaks one feels can almost be touched by the stretch of a hand. Well, the real stretch is in making the effort to get there

Depart by the night bus straight for Nainital, or catch the Kathgodam Exp to Kathgodam and take a cab to Nainital (560 km, 12-14 hrs).

Day 01: NAINITAL - BAGESHWAR (960 M/3168 FT)
In the morning drive to Bageshwar. According to legend Shiva blesses the place, and the Baijnath temple is worth a visit (137 km, 4 hrs). Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 02: BAGESHWAR - SONG - LOHARKHET(1750 M /5775 FT)
The drive to Song is 40 km followed by a 2 km trek to Loharkhet. You have reached the point where the main trek starts. Overnight in Tents / guesthouse.

Day 03: LOHARKHET - DHAKURI (2680 M / 8844 FT)
It is an 11 km trek today that takes you down into the depths of the valley and then a fair climb to Dhakuri. Overnight is tents / resthouse.

Day 04: DHAKURI - KHATI (2210 M / 7293 FT)
This is an 8 km trek; Khati is the largest village on this route and is on the banks of the Pinder Ganga. The people here are extremely hospitable and legend has it that they are the descendents of the race who provided shelter to the Pandavas during their exile. Overnight in Tents / Village huts.

Day 05: KHATI - DWALI (2575 M/8498 FT)
The trekking distance today is 11 km (5-6 hrs) with the roar of the Pinder Ganga not too far off. Along the way there are many a waterfalls and log bridges to be crossed. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

Day 06: DWALI - PHURKIA (3206 M/14300 FT)
A short 5 km trek takes you to Phurkia. The barren icy peaks seem to be your only companions for the day. Overnight in tent / resthouse

Day 07: PHURKIA - PINDARI GLACIER (3900 M/12870 FT)
Today is an early start as it is a 7 km trek each way. Touch zero point from where the Pindari glacier can be viewed in all its magnificence. The pinder valley is also prominent with its patches of lush greenery over the stark white landscape. Return to Phurkia.

Its time to go back and the 5 km trek will take about 3 hrs. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

Today's 11 km trek will take 4-5 hrs. Exploring Khati is a good idea as it has some beautiful sights to offer. Overnight in tents / resthouse.

The trips coming to an end. 8 km of trek (3-4 hrs).

Trek all the way to song today 13 km, 5-6 hrs and drive back to Bageshwar. Overnight at Resthouse. The trek has come to an end.

Take a taxi from Bageshwar to Nainital / Kathgodam to catch a Bus or train to Delhi. The trip ends here.

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