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Ram Ganga (Namik) Glacier

SEASON : April to June and September – October

Recently opened area with rough and tough walks , situated at the head of Ram Ganga valley between Gauri Ganga and Pindar valleys . This has been a restricted area, hence it has remained comparatively unknown to the trekking community . The approach to this glacier is a delightful excursion.

Day 1st Kathgodam - Leti (2050 m.)

Day 2nd Leti - Gogina (1800 m.) . The first stage north goes gently over a ridge and doen to Kotkam village . After crossing two streams ascend to cross another ridge than slant east before turning north again and descending to Suri village . Gogina is 2.5 km. ahead.

Day 3rd Gogina - Namik (2000 m.) . Climbing gradually the path crosses many streams , passes through the hamlet of Kautibula and after crossing the Ram Ganga by a bridge reaches Namik , a small village.

Day 4th Namik - Thala (3150 m.) . The trails turns east and climbs steeply for 6 km. through Oak and Rhododendron to Panopa (2800 m.) , continue upwards strenuously for 4 km. to thala , panoramic view of many peaks including Nanda Devi.

Day 5th Thala - Rantham (3500 m.) . The trek turns sharply towards the north along the ridge leading to Ram Ganga Glacier , a short walk to saufa vantage point reveals the entire Panchchuli range to the northeast.

Day 6th Rantham - Roma (3850 m.) . A gradual ascent of 2 hour leads to Sudam khan pass , a small depression in the ridge . Follow the ridge line north to reach the glacial lake of Roma

Day 7th Roma - Ram Ganga Glacier (3200 m. ) . The first 2 km is a steep shepherd’s path , which later descends to Hiraman and curves west , down to the glacier snout , under the shadow of Dang Thal (6050 m. ).

Day 8th Ram Ganga Glacier - Namik . Return by this more direct route at first folloeing the Ram Ganga for 1.5 km. than a steep climb and going up and down several times to enter a mixed dense forest at 2800 m. continue more easily for 9 km. to Namik .

Day 9th Namik - Gogina

Day 10th Gogina - Leti

Day 11th Leti - Kathgodam

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