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Roopkund Trek

SEASON : April to June and August – October
In 1905 , mountaineer Dr. Tom Longstuff happened to reach this lake in the course of his search for the Nanda Devi base . He stood dumbfounded by what he saw near the small oval lake . Hundreds of human skeletons lay strewn on the shour. Roopkund is situated at the height of 5029 m. in the lap of Trishul massif . This is usually called the mystery lake .

Day 1st Kathgodam - Debal (1218 m.)

Day 2nd Debal - Mandoli (2134 m.) . The first 8 km. Northeast are almost level from Bagsigad (1645 m.) than the trail climbs steeply for 3km. to Mandoli .

Day 3rd Mandoli - Wan (2439 m.) . Start with a 2 km. climb to Lohajang Pass (2590 m.) on the top a few small temples and a bell hanging from a tree . This place is named after a mythological demon who was killed by goddess Nanda Devi . The trail goes down to 7 km. and after a gradual climb of 5 km. reaches Wan .

Day 4th Wan - Ali Bugiyal (3350 m.) . The trail starts very steeply and after some distance it arrive at huge hump known as Ranakdhar. Further after some distance it reaches Ali Bugiyal which provides excellent view towards Trishul , Nanda Khat and other peaks

Day 5th Ali Bugiyal - Bedni Bugiyal (3354 m.) . Go down to a stream , cross a log bridge and ascend steeply through thick bear infested forest , water flowing on the green pasture at Bedni bugiyal forms a small pond nearby are two ancient temple and two log hut .


Day 6th Bedni Bugiyal - Baguabasa (4800 m.) . This stage takes 5-6 hours . The trail crosses a hump to reach Bistola than climbs to Baguabasa .

Day 7th Baguabasa - Roopkund (5029 m.) . An arduous section of 6 km. to roop kund , if the snow is not too deep skeletons and remains of human beings and horses can be seen Surrounded by the glaciers and high peaks the lake presents a magnificent sight .From here one can either go back the same way or round off the trek through Shilasamudra and Hom kund .

Day 8th Roopkund - Baguabasa

Day 9th Baguabasa - Ali Bugiyal

Day 10th Ali Bugiyal - Wan

Day 11th Wan - Mandoli

Day 12th Mandoli - Debal
Debal - Kathgodam.

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