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Back to Nature trips by Topcamp


Get closer to nature, others and yourself. One trip each month, new location each time and stay in villages and natural surroundings as much as possible. Treks, getaways, retreats, camping and village visits are some of the types of trips that we organise.

What to expect on Back to nature trips:
Being in nature, serenity, experiencing open spaces, greenery, fresh air, eating fresh live foods, working with soil and doing other interesting manual work, meeting new friends, music, dance, bonfires, movements, yoga and interesting exercises for emotional expression/ release and getting closer with each other.

Why I want to go on Back to Nature Trips:

  1. I don’t experience any open spaces in the city, they are vanishing by the day, city life is getting more and more chaotic and stressful.

  2. We know of light and noise pollution but now the city is polluted heavily with light. I don’t even get to experience enough darkness.

  3. I don’t get to work with soil or do any other manual work.

  4. I don’t get to eat fresh food.

  5. 5.I don’t get to be in groups and engage in something fun and loving.

  6. 6.I am repressed and inhibited; I don’t get enough of emotional expression.

And the entire above things make makes my life highly stressful, unhealthy, devoid of any real joy, peace, expression, celebration and creativity. The effect of all this on my life is serious; at all levels – psychological, physical and spiritual.

We can’t abandon our cities but we can go back to nature every once in a while to replenish, rejuvenate and get grounded, and then be ready once again to cope up with the pressures of our city lives.

Our environment, food, actions and company determines how we feel and think to a much greater extent than we can imagine, to experience this for ourselves, we need to get back to nature.

What is welcome: Friends, Guitars, Djembes, football, freezbees etc

What is not welcome: Booze, weed etc, for the simple reason that we are here to connect with our senses and feelings and not numb them, we can let loose without alcohol.

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