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Back to Nature Trip of the month



Great Himalayan National Park winter trek


Duration: 6 nights / 7 days 14th to 21st January

Region: Great Himalayan National Park, Gushaini, Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh

Introduction: We are doing a winter trek in January; this is part of the Topcamp’s Back to Nature trips series. As usual like all Topcamp trips the trek is about connecting with nature and each other.

All our trips are aimed at creating a safe place where people can celebrate, express and be their true selves; uninhibited and spontaneous!! So this trek in the Great Himalayan national park (14th to 20th January, 2011) is also about enjoying the beauty of being together as part of a great adventure and bonding with each other at a deep level. Laughing, dancing, cooking, walking, hugging, chilling out, playing music, melting down into nature or simply being on your own without being conscious of others…this characterizes our trips.

To be in open spaces in the wilderness, greenery all around and view of lofty mountains, solitude and silence, the joy of walking for hours, fresh air, mineral water from the glaciers and no buildings or civilization for miles is so healing, grounding and desperately desired to relax and recover from the stress and sensory overload in the city life.

Every Back to nature trip has resulted in great friendships, memorable experiences and major transformation in lives of a lot of people, in all there is always a glimpse of the enormous joy and beauty that can be experienced in one’s life at higher levels

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