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River N Range Beach Camp



Offbeat, wild environments, high adventures and self dependence is what camping is all about. Best way to get closer to the nature. Safari tents with clean and hygienic eco friendly amenities, pitched on the silvery sand beach surrounded by thick forest cover by the side of the Ganges offers an awe inspiring experience.

Camp River N Range-Ganges


Camp River N Range-Ganges is a refreshing campsite on the silvery sand beach of the majestic Ganga, 27.5 kms from the holy city of Rishikesh. Amidst incredibly spectacular landscape, wild jungle, modern safari tents & modern camping amenities, the various panoramic facets of the camp together provide.

Rafting And Kayaking


Whitewater rafting is an adrenaline pumping adventure sport that involves the navigation of an inflatable boat through the rapids in the river. While rivers negotiate the steep slopes on their descent to the plains, at places they burst into rapids. These rapids are perfect arena for white water rafting and kayaking. The rapids are graded on the basis of the difficulty level required to negotiate them. Ganga offers stretches which can be classified as Technical, Difficult, Moderate and Mild.

Camp to Gulhar is a mild section, has long tranquil stretches for body surfing and swimming. Under normal water level and weather conditions this is the section we use for children in the age group of 10yrs to 14 yrs.

Gulhar to Shivpuri is a moderate section that has some exciting rapids like Three Blind Mice and Cross Fire. In normal conditions Three Blind mice is a grade 3 rapid

Shivpuri to Bhrampuri is a difficult section which will be the real test of your Adrenaline levels. This section has the many exhilarating rapids like Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, T-Off, Golf Course, Club House & Butterfly. The most exhilarating of the all are Roll Coaster, Golf Course and club House. They are all grade 3 to 3+ rapids.


Swimming And Other Body Surfing


Enough mild stretches to enjoy body surfing and swimming where under instructions & supervision from the river guide one can get off the raft into the river.

Cliff Jump


En route rafting section Shivpuri-Rishikesh there is an approximatelly 20 feet high cliff protruding over the river. This cliff is used as the platform to experience the exhilaration of cliff jump.

Rock Climbing And Rappelling


At Camp River N Range–Ganges there is a rock face high enough to test your adrenaline level.

Rappelling is controlled descent from a rock face with the help of rope.

Bech Vollyball


The natural silver sand is just ideal for a game of beach volleyball.

Softball Cricket


A unique experience. Enjoy a game of soft ball cricket on the mat laid on the silver sand.



Just cozy around the campfire and enjoy the pristine chill, while watching the majestic Ganga flow by in its entire splendor.

Nature Walk


The best way to see the awesome beauty of the mighty Himalayas, it’s rich and diverse flora and fauna is to hit the trekking paths.



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